"Overwhelmingly Happy"

June 15, 2012
Long Island, California

We are at the Airport... Smallest Airport I have ever been. Long Island Airport. We were just told that our flight has been delayed. Nico is not happy.

We had a fun day though. We went to Dallas and Shannon's place and helped Viviana prepare the empanadas... She cooked it differently than me... they turned out to be much MUCH better.

Nico played a lot with the other kids so as soon he got into the plane he crashed:

Viviana is having a lot of fun!

After we arrived from Idaho we went shopping... Disney Store was her favorite... Mothers!

Dallas and Shannon tokk Vivi and Benjamin to a baseball game and then to a Mexican restaurant. Vivi didn't care for the spicy food. I don't blamne her.

Empanadas by Vivi:

Long Island Tiny Airport

Nico got his own Luggage.

Long Island, California Airport... Smallest airport I have ever been!

Meanwhile: Viviana Update

Baseball Game! Her favorite sport.

Dropped off by Dallas at the Airport

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