"The traditional bonfire at the Salt Flats"

Salt Flats, Utah
September 19, 2011

"Tradition" Since 2009 my ex roommates and friends have a tradition of going to the Salt Flats and having a huge bonfire with hotdogs and marshmallows.

I have been invited several times, but I've never made time to go. This time I had a visitor, Ty... Who came a day early before heading to Provo, to start college at Brigham Young University.

Ty wanted to go also so we went. We met at a parking lot and as it's tradition, everyone was late.

This was promoted on Facebook Events. So friends-of-friends joined to the trip. It ended up being a bunch of strangers getting together to have a big bonfire fun.

"Burned away"
At the beginning it was a little awkward. The drive was a little more than two hours west from Salt Lake City on I-80... And a few minutes south from I-80 on dirt-road.

The place was great... It was a sand flattened area next to a big sand dune.

Soon after the fire was lit, the awkwardness burned away and everybody started talking and cooking hotdogs.

Some of the techniques to cook hot-dogs were very ingenious.

"Emotional baggage"
This year's objective of the bonfire was to burn whatever "emotional baggage"one had. Ex boyfriends, girlfriends, letters, photos, etc.

One of the girls, Brazilian girl, burned all her ex-boyfriend's stuff (And it was a lot of stuff)... Mike burned all of the dirty laundry his wife kept nagging him to "git rid of" (I don't think this was what she meant), Dave burned all his meant-to-be-art-but-I-failed pieces (There were a lot... a lot of pieces) (HAHA!) and Jon burned his took-2-year-to-write 200 pages thesis (for his Masters).

Ty and I went to explore the area going to the top of the sand dune.
It was really dark and I psyched myself out about the possibility of a snake being hiding in the rocks.

My reaction: run back down... Run back down as fast as I could. And behind me, Ty... Who went a little longer but a noise in the dark freaked him out. (It probably was a bird, or a bat)

Good Night
While some were playing some tunes on the guitar and singing other were jumping the now lower fire.

We ended the night talking around the still burning fire. The moon was big and full.

I wasn't sure if where we were standing was sand or salt... The tender warm breeze smelled salty.

We spent the last 20 minutes quietly, watching the fire slowly die.

It was a great night...


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