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30 Days: "Start where you are" (3/30)

San Francisco, California  (S1E309032017)

"Where I am" I had to think long and hard the meaning of "Start where you are." Is it the physical location? Emotional or mental state? all of the above? 
In order to define a starting point, I guess, I have to define also the finish line, wherever that might be. My ultimate goal for this 30 days is to find a job as a Creative Art Director at an Advertising Agency or In-house. As I found out, that's a huge goal, but that's the hope.

"SWOT Analysis" In Advertising, when presented with a brand problem, usually the first step is a SWOT Analysis. S.W.O.T Analysis is a useful technique for understanding the brand's Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities and the Threats the brand faces. 
Used in a personal context it might identify shortcomings and help develop a way that takes best advantage of talents, abilities and opportunities.
The key here is being honest to yourself to actually d…

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