Microloan Pennies for Life [Microloan Foundation: Interactive Billboard]

This brilliant digital advertising billboard at Westfield Shopping Centre for #MicroloanFoundation gave instant thank you and reward to anyone who donated to the Microloan Foundation in west London shopping center. It was mainly intended to raise awareness of the charity. 

Every donor was thanked personally on-screen and completed images appeared on penniesforlife.org.uk where donors could tag their contribution in the image gallery and share with friends via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 

From just one poster site, 321,000 saw the campaign during the weekend and 21 women in Africa who had nothing now have their own small businesses. This campaign went on to win a Gold Cannes Lion in the Mobile category and also won 4 gold and 1 bronze Kinsale Shark Awards across digital, outdoor and integrated categories.    

Copy: Your small change can make a big change in Africa, Thank you... 
Agencies: DKLW Lowe (UK)

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