500 Words Day

San Francisco, California
October 9, 2014

Professor Cameron Maddux asked us to write an honest 24 hours log using only 500 words. This is the outcome of the experiment:  (Photos: "Fog that beach" by @oHBogado)

Tired. Caffeine. Frustrated. Tired. Annoyed. Sleeping. Tired. Showering. Awake. Breakfast. Annoyed. Noise. Honking. Clothing. Colors. Decision. 

Streets. Music. Phone. Walking. Bus. Homeless. Chinese. Chinatown. Buildings. Streets. Homeless. Bus-driver. Walking. Parking. Car. Car-key. Driving. Air-conditioning. Windows. Traffic. Music. Happy. Annoying. Road-trip. 

Freeway. Traffic. Hot. Weather. Sweat. Traffic. Freeway. Beach. Parking. Fog. Walking. Sand. Ocean. Bird. Cliff. Pelican. Photo. Rest. Sleeping. Walking. Shells. Drawing. Happy. Inspiration. Calm. Beauty. Happy. 


Nervousness. Homework. Walking. Ocean. Dog. Play. Car. Driving. Hot. Sun. Tacos. Surfers. Freeway. City. Traffic. Parking. Bus. Food. Walking. Money. Hot. Home. 

Elevator. Hungry. Food. Homework. Caffeine. Tired. Medicine. Procrastination. Sleeping. Hot. Annoyed. Napping. Groceries. Walking. Bus. List. Store. People. Food. Bread. Money. Credit Card.  Lines. People. Traffic. Restaurant. Tired. Walking. Home.

Food. Sleepy. Shower. Frustration. Bed. Sleeping. Night. Moon. Noise. Window. Honk. City. Annoying. Sleeping. Morning. Showers. Dressed. Roommate. Cold. Cough. Tired. Homework. Meeting. Inspiration. Writing. Advertising. Copy-writing. 

Late. Meeting. Running. School. Professor. Idea. Smiles. Relief. Celebration. Shopping. Lunch. Home. Red-envelope. Important. Missing. License plate. Renewal. Missing. Nervous. Internet. Frustration. Mad. 

Hot. Expiration. Frustration. Tired. Roommates. Procrastination. Tired. Food. Walking. Store. Apple-fruit. Expensive. Facebook. Invitation. Movie. Utah. Premier. Friends. Mormon. Job. Premier. Confusion. Comments. Angry. Understanding. Church. Spirituality. 

Phone. Text. Message. Photo. Laugh. Missing. Nostalgia. Thinking. Homework. Animation. Caffeine. Friends. Hot. Girlfriend. Divorce. Conversation. Empathy. Crazy. Lust. Friendship. Sex.

Portland. Booking. Buenos Aires. Expensive. Holidays. Sad. Mom. 

Procrastination. Caffeine. Homework. Flash. Awesome. Fun. Long. Tired. Nap. Music. Homework. Window. Traffic. Focusing. In-the-zone. Animation. Drawing. Computer. Tired. Caffeine. Late. Music. City. 

Tired. Finished. Text. Sister. Street. Traffic. Farmers-market. Organic. School. Class. Classmate. Late. Professor. Cold. Water. Computer. Homework. Review. Fight. Aggravating. Frustration. Annoyed. Confrontation. Angry. Class. Break. Talk.

Tired. Caffeine. Cold. Glasses. Phone. Text. Girlfriend. Missing. Distraction. School. Future. Nervousness. Networking. Wonder. Afraid. Work. Job. Hunt. Craigslist. Book. Design. Reading. Street. Food. Class. Friends. 

Phone. Mom. News. Sad. Argentina. Expensive. Lonely. Missing. School. Future. Worth. Bank. Money. Transfer. Worry. School. Homework. Food. Ice cream. Sun. hot. Homeless. Crazy. Street. Water. Trash. 

Friends. Talk. Future. Council. Relief. Bright. Excited. Work. Caffeine. Homework. Portfolio. Meeting. Music. Class. Walk. Street. Tired. City. Traffic. Home. Elevator. Mail. Bills. Money. App. Bank, transfer. Annoyed.

Tired. Caffeine. News. Book. Shower. Breakfast. Homework. Camera. Photos. Street. Walk. Bridge. Photos. Project. Coffee. People. Friend. Cup. Lighting. Tired. Walking. Home. Energy. Street. Music. Jogging. Bay. People. Tired. Sweat. Exercise. Push-ups. Running. Music. App. Facebook. Running. Home. Tired. Stairs. Cooking chicken. Drink. Procrastination. Music. Social Media. Emails. Tired. 

Street. Night. City. Home. Elevator. Bed. Sleeping. Dreams. Invitation. Event. Excitement. Advertising. Future. Fear. Calm. Homework. Text. Mom. Happy. Phone call. Friend. Divorce. Glad. Shower. Getting-ready. Street. School. Elevator. Stairs. Class. Classmates.

Tired. Nap. Homework. Tired. Procrastination. Caffeine. TV. Food. Internet. Social Media. Facebook. Roommates. Food. Movie-theater. Movie. Food. Friends. Hotel. Top-floor. Cocktail party. Fancy. Drinks. Fun.

Text. Brother. Happy. Glad. Night. Moon. Bed. Sleeping. Alarm clock. Morning. Tired. Sleeping. Traffic. Sound. Tired. Shower. Book. Breakfast. News. Sun. Lazy. Getting ready. Stairs. Outside. 

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