"Thrown" (basketball-style)

April 20, 2013
Provo, Utah

"Useless piece of paper"
Today I want to write about how I am feeling... Have you ever found yourself staring the nothing when wanting to get inspired...  I am in that situation very often.

I like writing, but sometimes I don’t know what to write about. That, pretty much, describes my life dilemma: I like living, but… But some times I don’t know how.

"Chapter one"
Today I want to write about how I am feeling, but it’s hard to start, how to describe it.

When I was younger my dad bought me a really cool typewriter. I loved it. I used to write stories non-stop. I thought I was the greatest story-writer in the world! Until a couple friends read stuff I have written and made fun of me. So then, I tried harder to be interesting when writing and looked for the approval of my harsh-critiquing friends.

I would sit down in front of the typewriter, put a blank sheet of paper in the roller and start typing… (That’s the secret of storytelling, you just start typing… chances are you’ll type something useful… eventually.)

Of course, most of the time, whatever I typed wasn’t good enough and I would take that useless piece of paper out of the roller, make a ball with it and throw it (basketball-style) into the trashcan. Then put a new blank sheet of paper on the roller and start typing again

That’s how I feel today: I feel like that useless paper-ball thrown (basketball-style) into the trashcan. I guess it's time to roll-up another blank sheet of paper and start typing again.

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