"If you’re done with embarrassing me"

Salt Lake City, Utah
April 13, 2013

No apologies
Holy shit. I'm hurt... And I just can't see to get over it... I've been a mess lately. I can't stand myself, I wonder how (or if) I still have friends. It's funny to think about, but it's not a laughing matter.

Songs makes sense now! Not the love songs, but the sad songs...

Freaking Demi Lovato’s song... I know, yes, Demi Lovato. I played that song over and over and I started singing it out loud.

The lyrics of the song described really well what I wanted to say out loud. That happened also with another cover song by Shontelle. (I told you I was a mess!)

 Recently, many songs from Pink have the same effect also… it was as if the one I don't speak of and I were having a conversation and ALL Pink’s songs were recording it and made into songs. Like,

"If you’re done with embarrassing me"


“Falling out of love is hard, falling for betrayal is worse: Broken trust and broken hearts…I know. Thinking all you need is there, building faith on love and words… Empty promises will wear, I know.”

“And now when all is gone, there is nothing to say, and if you're done with embarrassing me, on your own you can go ahead tell them… Tell them all I know now, shout it from the roof tops, write it on the sky line: All we had is gone now”

“Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken…All my scars are open… And…Tell them what I hoped… would be Impossible”

“I remember years ago, someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love… [and] I did” [But] you were strong and I was not, my illusion, my mistake…I was careless… I forgot, I did”

“And now when all is done, there is nothing to say…You have gone and so effortlessly, you have won.” 

(Lyrics from Impossible by Shontelle - performed on video by James Arthur)

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