Got (too much) milk?

Salt Lake City, Utah
March 25, 2013

Got Milk? (Actual facts or Propaganda?)

A while ago I've been noticing that my body would progressively react negatively when I drunk milk or consumed dairy products.

It really started when I turned 30 and it got worse and worse,  until I started to think I was lactose intolerant. But that was self-diagnosed so I didn't think of it much since I am a little hypochondriac.

A study made about lactose intolerance in Argentina suggested that it was more common to start being lactose intolerant later on age in the USA than any other part of the world.

Well, I found this info-graphic that really didn't help on my own paranoia.


(As a country, do People from the US consume more milk than Argentines? Do Argentines add hormone to their cows too? AND though it's not really related to this topic, how is it that Argentines are so slim in Argentina when they eat so much beef?)

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