The Ad of the Month: "Zeitgeist" (Google, USA)

December 2012
Provo, Utah

I search, therefore I am.
Just when I was ready to post the funny OldSpice commercial as the best Ad for December (and maybe of the year) Google strikes last minute with this amazing and touching commercial about the 2012 year review of the world.

Promoting  Google Zeitgeist (A review of searches in the world) Google surprises us with a video that makes people want to keep going forward.

We all have already seen all the OldSpice Funny videos... and we laughed, but Google deserved my attention because, as I personally believe, 'Sex' sells; 'Funny' entertains but 'Emotions' endure.

Now remember, the scary "doomed" year is about to go away, and we survived it! Still, don't get lazy, listen to Google and search on!...:

 CREDITS | Advertising Agency: Whirled | Original Tittle: "Google Zeitgeist " | California, USA | December 2012 

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