Let's stop for a minute and talk about a tie

December 23, 2012
Provo, Utah

What about it?
The tie, or necktie, is practically a must-­‐wear garment for almost any man in any event. A simple long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck can be much more than just “style.” It can represent a social status, a fashion statement, a formality, or a symbol of ambition.

The truth is, that the necktie is, hands down, the most useless and pointless piece of clothing to exist on the face of the earth, and yet it still is part of daily attire for most men.

The reason? I think the answer might be found in what the tie symbolizes. I don’t think I remember seeing a professor not wearing a tie, ever. Perhaps that’s why I associate ties with leadership and discipline.

I don’t think it’s just me though. Generally, people think a tie is a symbol of superiority, or class. For example, if we meet two people wearing the same outfit, let say they are twins and they are wearing a blue suit, but one of them is wearing a tie and the other is not wearing one.

Most likely, people would say that the twin without the tie is more casual than the twin with the tie. Not wearing a tie is considered being casual.

Time to work? Wear a tie
Many people hate using neckties. However, for me, using a tie is not a big deal. Growing up, I would practically wear a tie almost every day of the week. I wore a tie to go to school, I wore a tie to go to church, and I wore a tie at most family events.

My parents always thought that wearing a tie to school makes the student take school ‘a little more seriously’ than when not wearing one.

My High School required students to wear a blue tie as part of their uniform, perhaps to differentiate their students from other schools. Basically, if I had to go out of the house, I had to wear a tie. When it was time to take my tie off, it was like heaven. Not wearing a tie meant that it was a time to do nothing.

First impression
Wearing a tie makes me feel confident and powerful. I always believed that something as simple as a tie could give the right or wrong impression of how much you really care about your life.

When interviewing for a job, for example, a tie says “look, I put this thing around my neck to show you I really want to get this job, please hire me!” Contrary, not wearing a tie might say, “I don’t care.”

Ties and I
So in conclusion, the necktie must be, for sure, the most useless and pointless piece of clothing to exist on the face of the earth. And yet, what it symbolizes makes it perhaps the most important part of my wardrobe.


It might no be really, but ties makes me feel confident and powerful, like I can take over the world. And I like that feeling.

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