The University of Utah Alvin Gittins Gallery ["A Priori" Exhibition]

November 09, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Artist, David Price, invited us to the opening of the exhibition, A Priori, where his work was going to be featured. We met up with some friends and enjoyed the gallery together.

Here are some pictures of David Price's piece,  Apathy:

I was expecting to see one of Dave's sculptures, but I was surprised to see that actually he himself was part of his own piece, Apathy. 

"An everyday guy trying to deal with the fact that the way people look for a job noways is not filling applications or making phone calls"

There was a part of Dave's performance where he takes his clothes off and goes to bed. It was funny when his mother was all proud of him looking at his performance until he started to take his clothes off...

"I forbid you to publish those pictures, you hear?" she told me, "You hear?"
"Rojer that!" I said.

Here are some of the other pieces in exhibition:

The newly established U of U Sculpture Club is showcasing a Junior and Senior Sculpture Intermedia exhibition to demonstrate the evolution of contemporary sculpture within a local framework. 


 These local artists belong to the current generation of artists living on the fringes of a technologically immersed culture, where the boundaries of virtual experience and everyday presence are blurred by our connection to electronics, digital communication, and new media. 

This exhibit counters the virtual and digital experience by presenting object based work; a physical expression to critique a swiftly expanding and ever-shifting globalized world saturated with digital expression.


 Annual Junior and Senior Sculpture Exhibition:

WHERE: The University of Utah Alvin Gittins Gallery, located in the University of Utah Art Building, 375 S 1530 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112 ( The building is directly northwest of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Parking is Available in front of the Art building.

WHEN: Opening Reception: November 8th, from 6-9 pm. Exhibition runs from November 8th-November 29th, and the Gallery operation h
ours are Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.

A Priori, Latin for "knowledge to come before," mirrors our cultural and contemporary approach to the virtual everyday experience by eliminating boundaries of observation.
The resulting exhibition thus embodies a single image as assigned by the prescribed exhibition theme and becomes a monument to the circumferential understanding of our day-to-day bombardment of virtual recurrence.
A Priori considers the possibilities generated by physical collaborative and networked environments through the lens of contemporary sculpture.
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Alyce Carrier, Joseph Christensen, Robin Clark, Alex Foster, Ta-Hung Kuo, Jake McIntire, Amanda Oechsle, David Price, Lyra Zoe Smith, Dan Wardell, Justin Watson, Alexandra Zawada and an installation by Sculpture Club Members.

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