“Forget November, lets talk about October!”

November 7, 2012
Provo, Utah

"Remember remember"
November is always a weird month for me. It was marked on my heart as the month when I left home. If I knew then that I wasn’t going to see my parents for the next 10 years I would have hugged them a little longer instead of rushing the departure in excitement.

I miss them so much.

But this is not what I wanted to post about. Forget November, lets talk about October!

The kid
These posts are all about the kid. He pretty much became a central part of my life.

I am amazed how I am also becoming part of his life. He imitates me on how I brush my teeth, how I stand or how I seat. It's funny to see when he tries to mouthwash, which he started doing when he saw me doing it.

Having him on my life sort brings on me a sense of responsibility I had hidden somewhere. 

The kid & the Birthday party
The day before Halloween the kid turned four. (First birthday with me) It was great day. He was so excited and happy.

As he requested, cupcakes were baked, I cooked some empanadas...

 The wanted gift
We took him to a toy-store and told him he could choose whatever gift he wanted.

"Whatever gift I want?!" He asked amazed.
"What ever gift you want" We reaffirmed it.

He looked and looked excited, through hundreds of awesome toys. He had so many to choose from. Oh how much I would have loved to have an entire toy-store to choose as a gift for myself when I was four! or 24... whatever.

 He examined carefully the dinosaurs, the transformers trucks, the Spider-man section, the racing cars... and even the Angry Birds toys.

He pushed buttons here and there. He played with almost all the toys he liked. But he ended up choosing the smallest and cheapest thing he could find. A marked-down Pokémon figurine. ($1,45)

We gave him another chance, and after pretty much insisting from our part he also got a cool Spider-man web-shooter.

The kid played with this for no-more than 5 minutes. He is still playing with the Pokémon figurine today. He named it foxy. He loves it.

At his birthday party he got a lot amazing gifts. It was funny seeing wrapping paper fly in the air while uncovering all the presents. He was so excited and thankful for each one of the presents, but he couldn’t wait to open them all before really appreciating them.

The gift-theme was clear: Spider-man.

At his birthday party he also got Spider-man books, and clothing… and the coolest Spider-man bike ever.

The Spider-man bike
To assemble it I had to borrow tools from the neighbor. I never thought that NOT having a toolbox would be embarrassing but I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed for not having a toolbox when I needed it.

It took me a couple hours to put the bike together. A tweak here, a twist there and Tada!
A great and amazing cool-looking bike was assembled.
  When I showed it to the kid he was too occupied playing with the box where the bike was packed on.

He cried when I throw the box away.
I think he likes the bike but it has to grow on him and he’ll like it better. (Or he has to grow up... like physically... to be able pedal better… oh well)
 The kid & Halloween

The kid loves Halloween books, so he reads them all the time, not just in October. So we had to be creative to make Halloween different.

We have been playing Halloween music the entire month of October. Mostly from The Nightmare before Christmas Soundtrack.

We designed, carved and displayed the scariest Jack Pumpkin-head... and a mini zombie pumpkin-head.

Also, he has been coloring zombies and putting them as decoration all over the house.

Observation I: He is obsessed with zombies.
Observation II: He has a very peculiar way of coloring.

Trick-or-Spider web? (Pssssst)
I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween, but after a lot of talking, the kid convinced me that I must dress up.

I have an AWESOME Batman-Snuggie-Blanket I was going to wear. When I showed to him he said… “That’s so lame!”


Next, I put a white sheet over me and showed to him.

“Booh wooooh, I am a ghost” I said.
“That’s too scary!” he said with a disapproving look on his face, “Why would you do that to a little kid? Huh?”

Rejected and scolded!

Finally, I put an eye patch on and I was set. I was a pirate and he thought it was great.

He was Spiderman of course.

Seeing him knocking the doors wearing his cute spidy costume and yelling "trick-or-treat!" with his little-boy voice was awesome.

But the best part was when he got the candy. He would say either trick-or-treat again or thank you and shoot an imaginary spider web at the candy givers.

Needless to say, he got a LOT of candy.

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