January 19, 2012
New York, New York

Subway Ride
"Simon!" somebody said, not yelling, but loudly whispering.... A soon as I stepped into the subway wagon I noticed that something was going on.

A woman was obviously upset... and allegedly, a person named 'Simon' was involved.

A guy, who I assumed was Simon, abruptly grabbed her arm and told her...(demanded her, really) to seat down.

"Seat," he said pointing at an empty seat. At first I thought Simon had an accent, but then I realized he just talked funny. (not funny ha-ha, more funny as... unusual.)...(ok... He did talk a little funny ha-ha, but it's politically incorrect to mention it... That's why this it's between parenthesis, that makes it ok...)

(Seriously, it's OK)

 (If you read what it's between parenthesis it is like you are reading my thoughts, not my actual comments... So... It's OK...)

(Anyway, talking about parenthesis, the other day someone wrote "ha" and said it was between parenthesis... omg right? Who confuses parenthesis with quote-marks, I mean seriously!)

(Where was I? Oh, yeah...)

"Seat" he screamed again... Always pointing at the empty seat, just like a master would say to a dog.

Obediently, and showing frustration, she sat down.

It was almost midnight in New York City, the door closed and the subway was leaving Times Square Station.


The subway-wagon was crowded, and though the couple weren't really screaming at each-other, they were being loud... and though they were being loud, nobody seemed to notice anything... everybody minding their own business, or so it seemed.

A minute passed and the woman said again, almost screaming, "Simon!" while moving her hands as if she was doing sign-language gestures.

"Simon!... If you wanted to..." Simon interrupted her saying (vocally and in sign-language), "I don't want to talk about it.... I just don't wanna talk about it"

She seemed like she was about to cry. She stood up violently and while rapidly moving her hands, she said, "Simon!..." (So we've established that the dude's name was very likely to be 'Simon' and that he or she... had hearing problems.)

"...If you didn't wanna talk about it we shouldn't have said what we said," she continued.

At this point, everyone around was paying close attention to the arguing... It really was intense! The tone used, the gestures, the body language... it was intriguing to know what was going on.

It was funny to see the same people, who a second ago were pretending that nothing was going on, bluntly be staring at the arguing couple.

The dude, allegedly named 'Simon,' perhaps noticed this because he answered her only using his hands... in sign-language.

The conversation between those two continued that way, in silence. We could tell they were still arguing because of their body language.

Silence invaded the subway once again, the normal loud noises of the subway sliding on the railroads for a minute became uncomfortable and noisy... It was evident that 'disappointment' was spread all around them.

No fair!!

The people want to know! What was it that has been said Simon? Why are
you so upset Simon? What happened... Simon?

Tell us!

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