"Ancestor Pressure"

Brooklyn, New York

"Peer pressured?"
There is lot of people counting on you... like who? Let me put it this way... You have two parents. Each of them had two parents, and they had a total of four parents.

Those are your grand parents [of course].

Then there were eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great gandparents, and thirty-two great-great-great gandparents.

If you figure twenty-five years between generations, only five hundred years ago there were, let's see...

 ...one million, forty-eight thousand, five hundred and seventy-six people all involved in the creation of YOU.

[1,048,576 people]

That's a lot of folks counting on you to make somehting of yourself.


[As you see, peer pressure is nothing compared to ancestor pressure!]

(Retrieved from "The Art of Making Pickles," BYU Magazine, Summer 2011, 37)

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