"No better place to celebrate Christmas at than Salt Lake City." (The Nativities)

Salt Lake City, Utah
December 11, 2011

Temple Square
Somebody said once, "Just as there is no better place to celebrate the New Years than Times Square [in New York] or The strip [in Las Vegas] there is no better place to celebrate Christmas at than in Temple Square [Salt Lake City.]"

Though, saying that does sound a little arrogant, the religious background of this city is speccially latent right at downtown. where is located the  headquarters of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Temple Square.

Temple square is so cool this time of the year. Lost of lights, random choir performances almost everywhere and many free shows and activities.

The gardens of temple square, where the big fountains are, has hundreds of paper-lantern-like lights with the word "Peace" written in every single language in the world.

Alsmot every tree is decorated with lights and there is also a peculiar exhibition of nativities representing all the corners of the world. This are the ones I liked the most:


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