"See beyond your shoes can go" #Salvatore

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Italian hobo.
Today I met this seventy something y/o, well-traveled and well-educated homeless person, Salvatore. He told me a little bit of his life story. He said he moved from Italy to New York when he was 20. Now he travels around from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and then to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, all by jumping into freight trains.

Me: "Wow, you move a lot!" 
Salvatore: "I guess I do... Life wasn't kind to me, you know. Unhappy people might look at me and feel sorry for me, but they go home and continue to be unhappy with their own life. Some people even kill themselves because someone call them fat or ugly, or looser. Or because their life is not like what they envisioned to be... I feel sorry for them. 
 Me: "Are you happy?"
Salvatore: "I'm happy at times... when I get something to eat I am happy, when I find a good place to stay, I am happy; if I can't find happiness where I am, I go somewhere else where I can be happy. You see, the first step to getting somewhere is to make the decision that you are not going to stay where you are... the hardest part is not the first step, the hardest part is to see beyond your shoes can go."

 Salvatore  (The Italian)  |  Salt Lake City, Utah  |  October 2011

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