"All babies are cute" (The Ugly Truth)

October 4, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah

General Conference (The traditions)

If you didn't know, the first weekend of October was Conference weekend in the LDS World... millions of people saved the weekend to gather somewhere to watch the biannual general conference.

Some people take advantage to gather with distant relatives and friends... After Priesthood Session, for example, is common to go out and have a big dinner on a near by restaurant... (mm I love that tradition)

Often, new spouses (for newly wedded) and new babies are introduced to the family.

The day-after
As expected, the following Monday at the office, everyone wants to talk about what they learned in conference... the most popular questions are "What did you think about Conference?" "Did you like conference?" "What was your favorite talk?"

I always found those questions very awkward. How do you answer this questions? Do you say that you felt the need to... repent? ...change? ...humble yourself?

My instant [automatic] answer is always the same one: "Loved it..." (But what I'm thinking is "I don't want to talk about what I need to improve... as far as you know, I'm perfect, so go away")

Conference usually called us to review the way we are living and improve what we doing wrong...

Conference is often very repetitive. Year after year we are called to "improve" on the same issues: Reading the scriptures, praying, Church attendance and of course, being a good neighbor.

They always talk about the importance of families and faith in Christ.

It's kind of nice to have someone from above looking after us, reminding us to be better, and guide us...

I believe Conference is a way of being guided to a safe path. [Good] parents do it all the time when they try to educate their kids setting rules such as.. "Do not smoke," Wash your hands before you eat", "Change your underwear," "Do not drink alcohol," "Do not play with fire," "Do not trow a knife to your baby-brother (I am looking at you, Big brother!) }:-(

Often though, kids don't like to be told what to do... kids would often say "I am not a kid anymore, you can't tell me what to do" (nobody really likes to be told what to do... I think...) (at least, I don't)... But still, it's really nice to know that we are all always learning.


"You shall not lie" 
President Monson talked about the ten commandments... he reminded us that the ten commandments are still in effect...

Monday morning, as expected, my friend came and talked about conference. He said "I found my self troubled by President Monson's talk"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Co-worker: "I was watching conference with my family and my sister-in-law came to introduce us her new son... my new nephew..."

 Me: "And?"

 Co-worker: "And!.. .President Monson talked about the Ten Commandments..." he continued, "It was all good until Pres. Monson read 'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor' AKA: You shall not lie..."

Me: "..."

Co-worker: "And my sister-in-law kept saying Isn't [the baby] cute? Isn't [the baby] cute?"

(This beautiful baby is not the baby in question)

(I started laughing)
"I know!!!" My co-worker exclaimed, "If the baby is obviously not cute... why do you HAVE to say that the baby is cute? Right?... What is the etiquette for saying "Your baby is not cute?" He asked

Me: "I don't know... Saying nothing at all?"

Co-worker: "That's what I did, my sister-in-law kept saying 'Isn't [the baby] cute?' I kept thinking 'Oh-gosh-NO!' but all I could do was smile and nod..."

Me: "Besides when they are just-born... All babies are cute! ...

Co-Worker: "You don't really believe that, Do you?

Me: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"

Co-worker: "Nah- Mothers are... definitely... blinded by love."

(This beautiful baby is not the baby in question)

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