"A sudden change of events... a transitional thing"

September 27, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Moving forward"
Hopefully, that's what this is... "Moving Fordward"... On a sudden change of events, I moved from Bountiful to Salt Lake City...

It was all decided really fast, so I'm already wondering if I made the right decision... But it's all done now... it's too late for regrets... It's time to man up, grow up and live my life. Period.

(I can see the place where I work, and the place where I live... pretty nice location)

Hopefully though this is a transitional thing... (This thought scares me... I watched far too many movies where this young actors, dreaming big, move to the big city and take a crappy job until they make it on the business... but they end up stuck there for a long time... (Terrifying)

(My room)

The New Roommate
My new apartment is located a couple of blocks from my office, and my roommates are some old friends of mine. Except the new roommate who I am sharing my room with. He still haven't moved in yet.

The expectation of finding out who is moving in is annoying... I wish I didn't have to share my room but I save money that way.

(Sharing this tiny closet is going to be a problem...)

UPDATE: My roommate just moved in... he's from Russia... Nothing weird about that... until he hanged his country's flag...


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