"So what do you think SLC's fashion-trend would be?"

Salt Lake City, Utah
September 24, 2011

Among the worst dressed in America
Though Salt Lake City has officially its own Fashion Week, the city was"awarded" by GQ Magazine on the top 10 worst dressed cities in America.

Provo City got a better score, but still made it to the top worse-20 of the list... Utah was the only state with two cities on the list.


The solution?
Promoting Fashion in Utah seemed to be the solution for such a dilemma. I was invited to Portrait with pictures the largest Fashion event in Utah, The SLC Fashion Night Out (SLCFNO).

It was one of those events to show off the fashion talent and trends in Salt Lake City.


I really don't know much about "fashion" per-se so I can't really critic the show. For me, over all, the runway-show was entertaining...


So what do you think the fashion-trend would be in one of the most conservatives cities in the US? Besides a few exceptions, it mostly was kind-of trashy. Skunk-y looking clothing and apparel for females... and extravagant males.


Joshua, the Fashion Designer
This reminded me of a guy I now, Joshua. He is a fashion designer in Los Angeles. He was invited to participate in the TV Show Project Runway Season 9.

He already got a full-ride scholarship for the Advanced Study Fashion Design @ FIDM (in LA). He designs for his own clothing brand, Alastaire Grey by Joshua Christensen.

In-spite his resume, he was kicked out in the second episode of the show. Later, voted to come back in to be kicked out by the judges once more.

Granted, I thought all of the participants' designs were hideous, so I didn't get what were they "judging" but what do I know?


The host... who I guess knows better about the business, was noticeably particularly harsh on Joshua (both times)... very harsh... but, as we learned in The Devil Wears Prada, the Fashion Industry is harsh.

The judge said something that I think it applied to all the contestants, she said, "That piece is not wearable, It's something I wouldn't wear..."

I think designers forget that Fashion is a business. (WIth capital B) Why do designers love to design clothing that no-one would wear?

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