""Pateto, potato"

September 6, 2011
Salt lake City, Utah

"Sister Pappitas"
I just got a letter from Casey Pappas! She is serving a 18 months mission (Spanish speaking -duh) for The LDS Church in El Salvador.

Her birthday was just recently and her companion made her a doll of a potato (or is it pateto?) and called it "Sister Pappitas"

Do I need to say -or remind you- that Pappas in Spanish translates to "Patetoes" (or patatoes)?

So, on Sister Pappas' birthday they took the doll, 'Sister Pappitas,' to a day-long adventure.

Everywhere they went they took pictures with it. I can only imagine how funny that would be for the locals. (The pictures will be posted soon on Casey's blog: Caseypappas.blogspot.com)

(Sister Pappas holding Sister Pappitas which in Spanish translates to Sister Little-Pateto)

Casey has been serving in El Salvador since Februery 2011, she has 9 months left on her mission

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