Could this be my last Preston Rodeo Ever?

Mink Creek, Idaho
August 1, 2011

Mink Creek, Idaho (Love Affair)
I had a really quick trip to Idaho! I had the chance to see everyone I love in Mink Creek, Idaho...

Every time I go to Mink Creek I make the trip a especial event... because...
  1. Mink Creek is beautiful...
  2. Because I know I will have fun... and
  3. because I don't know how many more times I'll have the chance to go back there.
Rodeo Time
The main reason I went to Idaho was to do what I have been doing for the past several years, attending the Preston Rodeo... and as usual... it was way fun.

(Would this be my last Preston Rodeo Ever?)(Really, from now on, anything I do could be the last time for me to do so (Sad to think about that)

Brigham City Temple

What I know wont be my last time (but yes my first time) was to see a temple under cosntruction... We stopped by Brighma City to see the temple site. Pretty cool!

I tried to practice taking panning and blurry movement images... I don't think I mastered it yet but I love how some of them turned out looking as paintings... (Click in the picture below to see more of the painting-look-like pictures)

In the Rodeo fair I took hundred of pictures... here are some...

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