"What happened New York? We were getting along so well..." (Pastdue)

August 4, 2011
Brooklyn, New York

This is embarrassing, the previous posts I wrote when I was flying back to Salt Lake City…

I had a lot of time then… so I took a long time to create suspense and be very descriptive of the pre- job-interview period in New York City.

Now it passed two weeks and I didn't have time to finished the conclusion... Whatever detail I haven’t written it’s gone.

But all came to this: I was having the time of my life living the New York dream. Job-interview ready I approached to the interviewed ready to change my life forever...

The interview
The girl who interviewed was really nice. We talked about the job, my portfolio, my resume, and about the company.

We talked about New York, Buenos Aires, and she told me many times that I will love New York City. [Hint that I got the job? I think so]

The opportunity was great, everything sounded just great. "When do I start?" I wanted to say on a hurry.

The job offer
And the job offer came in to the table, and it was disappointing…

“Take it,” said one of my buddies who already lives in New York, “...at least is a step on the City, which is really hard already”

“That is an incredible opportunity that a hundred people would kill to have” said the interviewer.

"You should definitely consider taking that job,” said a stranger I met in Central Park when I told her my story... "And then move your way up"

I didn’t take the offer.

Though I am all for sacrifices and starting from the bottom, what they offered was just ridiculous.


The end...

What happened New York? We were getting along so well...

Fairy story: FAIL

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