"Today was the day" (The 6 mistakes before the interview)

August 4, 2011
Brooklyn, New York

Thought I was excited, I was also really tired.... I slept until 10:30 AM, (I was still on Utah time zone --MDT--, which it would have been 7:30 am.)

Today was the day of my job-interview for the marketing and media department position at Diane von Furstenberg StudioL.P (DVF).

As soon as I woke up I took a shower and got ready for my interview. I got out for a few minutes to make copies of my resume.

It was so hot and humid. It took me some time to get use to humidity again.

I thought I left way too early (I left 3 ½ hours before the interview) but I got there with only 30 minutes to spare.

Time in New York goes way too fast. Especially when you don’t really know which, what, nor when to go where… (Catching the subway at the right time seems to have a science I haven’t figured it out yet.)

The Meatpacking District (& The mistakes) It was a REALLY hot and humid day so I took a big bottle with water for the ride... (Bad idea #1.)

Because I was still in Utah time I wasn't t hungry at noon, I usually don't do breakfast, so I had no food in my body (Only water). (Bad idea # 2.)

Of course, when I got there, I needed to go to the bathroom (to pee) but I couldn’t find any so I decided to hold it. (Bad idea # 3.)

As I said, when I got there I only had 30 minutes to spare, and I was starving, so I decided to grab something to eat… (Bad idea # 4.)

DVF is located in the Meatpacking District... (Everything in NY has a district nowadays... Which is funny... the Real Estate people got a good advertising/PR people behind this re-naming New York fad.)

Anyway, this place, the Meatpacking District is very nice, and has many stores from well established fashion designers and some new designers as well. According to New York Magazine, the Meatpacking District is "New York’s most fashionable neighborhood".

So, many of the people who work here are very invested on their appearance, so most of the stores here who sell food are targeted to the workers who pay a lot but eat little.

I really was starving.
The only thing that looked good that I could find was a veggie Tofu sandwich. (Bad idea # 5.)

IT WAS DISGUSTING! But I finished all. (Bad idea # 6.)

15 minutes till the interview.

Now I really needed to pee.

Someone once told me to check your teeth before any important meeting. (I am very subconscious about my teeth.)

I entered a nearby Apple-Store to use the IPad 2 camera to look at my teeth. Oh the horror! I had like three pieces of green vegetable showing on between my teeth!

I desperately tried to find a bathroom... But apparently, a public bathroom in New York is a privilege hard to find.

5 Minutes before the interview. (My stomach wasn't reacting well to the tofu)

The situation was getting worse and worse by the second. (I really needed to pee! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hold it...)

I mouth washed my mouth using the remaining of the water I had and got rid of the things on my teeth and headed to the interview. (I just had to NOT think about running water and I'll be fine)

The entrance was marked with giants DVF letters.

As soon as I entered I first noticed -- The first thing I noticed was the Air conditioning... then-- a really cool staircase, the hot receptionist and the running water fountain in the reception area.

Yes, DVF's reception area had a really nice… running water fountain.

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