"I am flying to NY..."(Yawn)

August 3, 2011
Somewhere in the air over the midwest


I m flying to New York again, this is my second time (third, if we count the time I went to Puerto Rico and had a layover in New York)

Last time was a vacation trip, right before I went back to school for my last 3 semesters, (which ended up being just two semesters... some day I'll tell that story...)


I am on a flight, heading to NY...

Tomorrow I am going to a job-interview in Manhattan. Pretty exciting.

Tomorrow... will be an exciting day... tomorrow... right now though, I am bored out of my mind!

I can't think about tomorrow anymore or I'll go crazy... Thought this boredom is driving me crazy as well.

I am just going to write whatever comes to my mind... so be aware.

Do you know what's really amazing? That I'm typing this on the plane, thousands of miles in the air. That's pretty amazing and cool.

I am in a US Airways flight. I don't know if all US Airways planes are this small or it's just this one but this plane is tiny.

Lets describe the people that are seating close to me. I'm seating in the H seat... Between two women... A young girl, and an older woman. This is the first time I am not in the window seat. Me no like it.

OK, lets talk about them... I don't think I should... It's rude. I think the lady next to me is sick... And I wonder if I'll caught her cold. I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW LADY, I CAN'T GET SICK!

Stay the heck away from me germs!!

I'm being selfish. though.. I wonder what she is up to, I wonder if her cold will ruin whatever she is going to New York for.

(I will smoothly turn and look at her face to see what she looks like she is going to the big Apple for.)

The older woman
Ok... She seems really nice. A blond woman on her 50s-60s... She is wearing a red blouse, blue jeans and a light brown purse. I think she is single.

Actually, I'm guessing she is single... Or something... She doesn't have a ring on her hand. My mom doesn't use a ring on her hand either, but she is married, so I guess I can't really assume older woman is single. Some people just don like to wear an expensive ring on their hand... Or a ring... at all.

She seems pretty sad. Maybe because she IS single... or because she is sick... She keep coughing... And I am still worried I'll get her sickness...

I think I am mysophobe (a germaphobe)

Maybe she was married and her husband passed away, and she is going to see her kids in NY who don't come to visit her.

I can't believe THEY wouldn't come visit HER, she lost her companion and perhaps she feels lonely... so alone...

Still, there nothing worse that getting sick right before arriving to the place you are going to visit THAT someone you want to see so much and .. I feel so sorry for her.

I think she is reading this... SHE TOTALLY WAS! I'm so embarrassed... Still I wasn't really talking about HER per say... So I am OK.

But she is not OK... She coughed again... And I think a drop of her saliva just landed on my arm... Did she did that in porpoise? Yak!

The young girl
OK, I'll move on and talk about my other seat-mate. She is younger... On her 20s, maybe early 30s. She is from Australia, but she lives in New York... She told me.

She seems... Sporty.

Her shoes are those finger-shoes that has the shape of your feet. Pretty cool.

It's kind of a shoe sophisticated/intellectual people... from the hip part of town, would wear.

She is even reading... not a book, but a kindle...

Yep, she is a hipster.

I am using an iPad, which is more expensive than a kindle, but for some reason reading a kindle makes you cooler.

Or maybe she is just cool because she is from Australia (and lives in New York)

Most of the people in the plane are foreigners.

I noticed some Easter Europeans, the Australian, some Latinos, a group of good-looking Russians girls, and of course, me.

I also noticed a middle-eastern enter to the plane. Kind of hard not to think about the stereotypes but I still think is wrong to do so.

Maybe it's OK if stereotypes comes to your mind... What is bad is to vocalize it, thinking it's OK, or discriminate. What do you think?

Stereotypes (La lengua)
If someone stereotypes me as an Argentine, I think I fit the description of an average Argentine, but then again, I don't know what the stereotype of an Argentine is.

I don't like when people puts me in the "Latino" box. I am proud of being Latino, but as an Argentine, I don't really have the same culture, or anything beside verily, the language.

I think the exciting part of being Latino is that we are all so different from each other.

When MTV Latino wanted to have the MTVLA Music Awards, they run into the same problem:

The music we all listen is different, the cultures are different, even the skin color is different in each country, so when designing a trophy that would identify us all, like the silver astronaut of the MTVMA (USA)...

It needed to be something that would represent all of us... So they came up with a huge tongue.... Which is the only thing that makes us united... A huge tongue...

Isn't that cool.

The lady next to me needed to stand up... But she couldn't... I noticed that she was older than I thought... 60s maybe. So I offered my arm so she could hold to it to stand up... She refused, but she kept touching my arm anyway... Ahaaaaa. Germs everywhere! Germs! Germs! Germs!

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