"Scary movies [in High School]...funny every time!"

October 30th, 2011

Scary movie
I just watched Scream 4*!

Before you say anything you have to remember this is a remake of an epic 90s' movie for teenagers. That's me!

I remember going to the movies with Candela and Ruth and the gang. It was one of those moments when a scary movie became part of a generation identity.

Scream, The Ring, Saw, Freddy Krueger, Halloween, Friday 13, Alien, and my favorites, Final Destination series.

After watching the movie Scream, phone jokes became such a trill for all of us. The girls would scream and get scared every time, (...and it was funny every time!)

Bloody knives, stupidity, youth and fun made of Scream a blockbuster. Drew Barrymore was on it for like 5 minutes.

Anyway, today, 2011, the same tactics were used... and the movie worked for me.

Making fun of scary movies all together, the beginning was awesome. A lot of famous people who names I don't recall died in this movie.

Such a fun scary movie.

What is your favorite scary movie?

*This is NOT an uplifting movie, it's rated R (lots of blood and F-bombs) so be aware.

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