"Plus, the flashy lights of the strip" (Part C: The Late-night)

July 17, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Back at the hotel I was super exhausted... Walking around under the heat of the sun sucked all my energy out. Eating and drinking a lot water (with lemon) plus the flashy lights of the strip gave me a second wind of adrenalin... it didn't last too long though.

Part C: The Late-night
We were invited to Cathouse (at Luxor), a small lounge where the music was just awesome. (90’s music) We were invited there so we didn’t have to pay. (Other wise we wouldn’t have gone there.)

Cathouse had a section with lots of doors/rooms and suddenly we understood why it was called "Cathouse"

We hung out a little there and then we headed to LAX where I did the countdown of my website (If you haven visited it yet, do it! www.ohbrepublic.com)

LAX was cool, and, again, it felt awesome to be treated as VIP. There was a huge line to get in and that night a ticket to get in was 40 dollars… When the doorman opened that cord to let us in for free was a little embarrassing.

(So if that happens to you do not look a t the people who are still waiting in line… embarrassing)

(This girl just got married with this guy... I wonder if she will regret this tomorrow... I didn't seem as he would)

John thought it was fun to tell people that he was from Argentina... everybody believed him too. Lots of friendly people in Vegas, I wonder if the people are like the buildings of the city where nothing is what it looks like.

Soon I was dead tired and went outside (and saw a snake!!) I almost felt asleep in the street so I went back to the room and crashed in the bed.

Me Las Tome: Las Vegas 2011

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