"Little Sahara, Utah"

Highway 50, Utah
July 22, 2011

Little Sahara
We saw a sign that read "Little Sahara" so we decided to take a quick look of that... We drove and drove, and nothing... and just when we were about to give up, we ended up discovering a huge worth-to-explore sand dune bank. HUGE!

We didn't stay long here, but I did make a mental note to come back.

The Little Sahara Sand Dunes, home of two of the world's biggest sand boxes, is located in the northeastern part of the Sevier Desert in western Utah (Close to the city of Delta).

It lies within the northern half of one of Utah’s largest dune fields (about 220 square miles). This dune field contains both actively forming or migrating dunes and plant-stabilized dunes.

Me Las Tome: Road Trip 2011, Western Utah

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