"Lehman’s Caves at the Great Basin National Park"

July 17, 2011
Ely, Nevada

Lehman’s Caves
Next morning we had breakfast at… Nothing better than starting the 4th of July weekend on a real American town having real America breakfast at this real American diner.

Ely is an hour away, (or so) from the caves... John then noticed that he was running out of gas. Then we see a sign of Flying J that said "Next Flying-J, 200 miles"

John freaked out a bit, but we found one really small self-service-only gas station in the middle of no-where.

(But seriously...after this hidden gas station there was no other until Delta, Utah!)

Lehman’s Caves at the Great Basin National Park were awesome. Though the name alludes that there are many caves… it's just one.

Nothing to say about the caves… so awesome and weird.

Apparently the people who found the caves had lots of “underground” parties during the prohibition. This people broke some original cave formations and wrote their names in the walls, which still is there. (Prohibition version of Facebook)

The guide was really weird about not touching anything inside the cave. He explained that we have oil in our skin, and the caves are formed by water, oil and water don't mix and a simple touch could alter millions of years of growing cave.

He was so convincing that people walked folding their arms to avoid touching the narrow walls.

Me Las Tome: Road Trip 2011, Eastern Nevada

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