Independencia day!

July 9th, 2011
Bountiful, Utah

Free Rock
"Piedra Libre para Argentina!" 195 years Ago Argentina became a free nation... The scriptures say that "The New World" will be greatly blessed. And though it's hard to see those blessings in most places, this piece of land named Argentina can not deny that it truly is a blessed land.


"I came to what some people consider
the best country in the world...
And when I got here I realized...
Wow, Argentina is pretty awesome"

Piedra Libre

"Piedra Libre...!"
is what kids would yelled when playing a kids game [sort of similar to hide & seek]

At the game, all the players are supposed to hide while one, without looking, would count til 10 against a wall or a tree [Lets call this spot ground zero].

When the one counting is done, he/she announces it yelling, "Punto y coma, el que no se escondio se embroma" (Semicolon!, whoever didn't hide... se embroma-- I don't know how to translate "Embromar"... Got screwed?)


So the seeker goes around looking for the ones hiding. When the one hiding is being spotted (lets say, Martin was spotted) the Seeker says (pointing at Martin ) "Piedra libre Martin," and both run to the ground zero. If the one found gets there first he/she is saved and the seeker has to keep seeking... Other wise the game is over.

Some times the seeker tricks everybody, falsely announcing that the game is over so the hiders would come up from where-ever they were hiding, exposing themselves... so one has to be paying attention.

If the seeker passes you by and you are sure that you can make it safely to ground zero then you run, run as fast as you can... to safety.

oh memories!

I. loved. my. childhood.

Libre me!
I chose to launch my On Line Portfolio today because of the history of this day. A long time ago, The US and Argentina gained independence... Two nations that I adore.

I, too, gained independence this week. I am ready for someone to find me... and if no one finds me soon, I will adventure myself to "ground zero"... and make it happen. Just like the game... Piedra Libre to me.

I can feel the adrenaline of waiting... I am ready to run... I am so excited...

Ground Zero, here I come!

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