"High expectations at the capital of Adult entertainment of the World" (Part B: The Night)

July 16, 2011

Part B: The Night
At dusk, we walked really fast to Planet Hollywood’s V Theater. The distance wasn't that bad... but it felt like we walked for miles!

Las Vegas is not dead during the day but it truly come alive at night... so many people!

There was a huge line to get in. We almost decided to forget about the show (since we got there a little late)

But we went to the front desk, said our names and 10 second later, right when the show was about to start, we were seated on the second row from the stage. (I can get used to this VIP treatment for sure.)

The show was good. I didn’t think it was Las Vegas good, but it was OK.

(I never actually been on a Show in Las Vegas before this time, but the expectation is high when it comes to a show in the capital of Adult entertainment of the World.)

After that we ate at Cabo Wabo Cantina - Las Vegas. Fun place. The waitress was really cool… she gave us free VIP passes to Château (A Night club in Paris Hotel). Some girls started dancing in front of us... I thought they were waitresses, like Coyote Ugly... but they were just customers who really liked the song played by the DJ. The food was good too.

We went back to the hotel to change and finally go explore the nightlife. I was already super exhausted... Walking around under the heat of the sun sucked all my energy out.

However eating and drinking a lot water (with lemon) plus the flashy lights of the strip gave me a second wind of adrenalin...

(I could also be that I was really tired, and when I get tired I get stupidly fun. You could say I drunk of tiresome)

Luxor Hotel & Casino looked really cool at night... I think The Stratosphere Hotel in Old Las Vegas is the symbol of the city who comes from the north, and Luxor is the Symbol for those who comes from the South... or at night.

Me Las Tome: Las Vegas 2011

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