"I hate when that happens in Vegas" (Part D: The Morning After)

July 16, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Part D: The Morning After
Next morning we went to have breakfast with a friend of mine then back to relax at the swimming pool.

There was a pool party going on on(that was unexpected) so just like that we kissed goodbye "relaxing at the swimming pool".

The music was super loud (like in a club) People dancing everywhere… really fun.

It was so hot out there! so before I left I went to get a drink, which ended up being an embarrassing adventure:

"The virgin"
The music was kind of laud so, almost yelling, I asked to the vender, “Do you have something non-alcoholic?!”
“What?” The vender yelled back, looking a little confused.
Assuming he didn’t hear me because of the music I get closer to him and yelled again… “A drink! Do you have a drink with no alcohol on it?”
The Vender (still looking confused) replied, “I don’t know… let see, A virgin Cocktail?”
“Yeah,” I yelled just when the music stopped for a second... “A virgin…” Suddenly I hear myself yelling the “Virgin” and I feel the stare of everybody around me… “A virgin cocktail would be fine thanks” I said…

Another song already started so the vender didn’t hear me again so I just gave him the Ok sign and staid quiet.

After that, we cooled of a little bit in the gambling area. Then we went back to the room, packed and took off.

Before leaving Las Vegas, we spotted a billboard on the freeway that has an arrow pointing Up: and said "GOD"

I understood that the arrow was pointing up as "Heaven"... but john interpreted it as it was pointing the way to Salt Lake City, Utah, as "Zion."

As planned, we took the highway 93 (Devils valley) till Highway 50 (Nicknamed the loneliest highway in America)

Me Las Tome: Las Vegas 2011

*The images of the pool party are not mine. They are the closest thing to what I saw but they are not from the actual party at Luxor- Friday July 1st, 2011

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