"Doesn't frustrate you seeing illegals immigrants living a better life than you?"

Bountiful, Utah
July 28, 2011

Minimum wage
Since I got to the US (back in 2003) I had a personal commitment to follow the rules... Some times it was really hard to do so.

Believe me, It would have been much easier to just do things "under the table." Fortunately, with the help from friends, strangers and the One above, I never was in that situation, and I made it trough.

For example, after graduation (in April 2011) I had a bunch of job offers. Two of those choices were incredible opportunities. I had to reject them all.

As an international Student I had to wait for my work permit to be issued after graduation. It would take up to 3 months. So I was jobless and impeded to get a job until June.

Three months!

To me, that time was a great opportunity to get ready for "real life". You see, (as an International Student) I was only allowed to work for minimum wage, below part time, and only for the institution I was attending to.

I started sending resumes in may, and going to interviews. If any job would offer me a job before June I would have to decline it again or ask them if they would wait for me until my job permit comes.

A friend told me once, Doesn't frustrate you seeing illegals immigrants working and living a better life than you while you are struggling... and all because you are doing everything legally?

My answer to that.... No.

Following the rules really made everything hard, but this is the way it is here, so... now, after the long wait, I am thankful that I get to work and gain experience here. For real this time.

You don't even know how liberating is to be able to choose where to work...

So many opportunities in this country!!! (If you are here, take advantage of this!!! and appreciate the blessing that is being here and from here!)

I do see the situation in which I am as a great blessing. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be where I am.

Being an illegal immigrant can't be easy... in fact I know it's not. You will always have to work harder than anybody else with not fair rewards, and the opportunities are limited.

Personally, I can't really put me above those who work really hard every day (some in bad conditions) to live the best life they can.

I can't put me above anybody really... I can't judge, I can't say that I would have done a better job living their life if I was in their shoes.

In my mind I still think I don't deserve any of the blessings I got so far. But I am really thankful for them.

(This is funny and you know it)

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