"And to Las Vegas we went" (Part A: The Day)

July 15, 2011

PART I: Las Vegas!

The idea of going to Las Vegas was born on a sudden. (Clients who paid with coupons, friends who wanted an escape… friends of friends who could hook us up with free tickets.)

And to Las Vegas we went.

The plan was simple… PART I: Drive to Las Vegas (6 hours) stay at Luxor Hotel; go to a show (V the Ultimate Variety Show), go clubbing (LAX) and then drive back.

I've been in Vegas before, so to make this trip different I've decided to add a second part of the trip, PART II: Drive back on eastern Nevada (instead of I-15) and visit Lehman’s Caves at the Great Basin National Park.

Crazy amount of things to do in just one night… And as the day went on, the mood changed too. So I devided the First trip into 4 Parts: Part A (The Day), part B (The Night), part C (The Late-night), and part D (The Morning After)

Part A: The day

The view from our room At Luxor was great... though we stayed at the room for like 15 minutes.

(The view from the the door of our room was also great)

Nothing extraordinary really happened in Sin City. It was super hot outside (110 degrees!)Walking from casino to casino was really tedious and tiresome so we only explored 2 or 3 hotel-casinos (Maybe 4 or 5).

First we took the Monorail from Luxor to Excalibur. The train, the escalators, the floor, the windows... everything was kind of really dirty, stinky and nasty.

(I think if Las Vegas doesn't keep renewing it self, it can get old really fast. Or at least they should try to keep it clean.)

This part of Las Vegas was supposedly the "clean" part... since the pornography was not allowed in this part of the county.

I think Vegas is We had an amazing slice of pizza for lunch at New York Pizza (At NY-NY)

Then, we hit the swimming pools to refresh a little… that was the weirdest experience ever… I definitely don’t like public swimming pools. (I think that makes me a snub)

There were some "VIP" section that if you pay $20 or $30 plus some more $$ for the recliner you get less people, but it still was packed.


Me Las Tome: Las Vegas 2011

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