"It's all over now, and I didn't go to San Diego" (Social Media Recount of AAF 2011 National Conference)

June 4, 2011
Bountiful, Utah


With much disappointment, I have to say, I didn't get to attend this year's ADMERICA! AAF National Conference in San Diego, California.

ADMERICA! AAF National Conference is a yearly event
that gathers top advertising agencies, clients, media companies, suppliers, and colleges from across the country.


I really, really... REALLY wanted to attend to this year's conference, for various reasons:
  1. This would have been my first real chance to meet people from the industry [I want to be part of].
  2. To support the BYU-Idaho presenters on the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) Finals Awards, and...
  3. Because I worked in the Campaign pitched at the NSAC Finals.

But it's all over now, and I didn't go to San Diego. However, I followed it, minute by minute, trough the social media: Twitter, Iphone/Ipad's App and Facebook.

The following is a recap of what this is all about and then a recount of the twitter posts about how BYU-Idaho placed and the event in general:



I already talked about this in a previous post, so to recap, Back in the Fall semester of 2010 at Brigham Young University - Idaho, my Integrated Campaign class and I worked in the Campaign challenge presented by AAF NSAC.

Each year a corporate sponsor provides a case study outlining current advertising situation. Students must research the product and its competition, identify potential problem areas and devise an integrated communications campaign for the client.

Each student team then "pitches" its campaign to a panel of judges.

The winning team in each district advances to compete on the national level at the AAF National Conference in June.

This year the Sponsor was JCPenney. JCPenney gave competition participants a single challenge: Help the company better appeal to its target audience.

Approximately 35 BYU-Idaho students have worked on the this campaign in phases since September 2010.

District XI (BYU-Idaho wins Regional)

April, BYU-Idaho was granted first place of the the American Advertising Federation (AAF) District XI National Student Advertising Competition. (in Boise, Idaho)

BYU-Idaho and a handful of other awarded universities headed to nationals (June 2–4) celebrated in San Diego (ADMerica).

This would be BYU-Idaho’s first appearance at nationals, as well as its first-ever first-place finish at the district level. (Read news Article about this)

R E C O U N T (As posted in Twitter)


BYU-Idaho heads to San Diego, California! All the students representing the Brigham Young University - Idaho flew to San Diego.



And the winner is... (Not BYU-Idaho)
Placing fourth Place: Butler University,

Third Place: Johnson & Wales

Second Place: Ithaca University...

And... First place, winner of the 2011 National Student Advertising Competition is...

University of Miami
(Congratulations University Of Miami, winner of the 2011 National Student Advertising Competition)

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