The Simpsons' Fans Get to Play Cupid!

May 23, 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah

Decide the future of “Nedna”

It’s taken them many years, but The Simpsons finally realized that their viewers use the Internet.

Yes! in the season finale of The Simpsons (May 22, Global and Fox) Ned Flanders and Edna (Mrs. Krabappel) embark on an unlikely romance in Springfield.

Whether or not their romance survives depends on the desire of the viewers. Will they or won’t they? Click here and make your vote!

They can also display their points of view on these new-fangled Internet websites Facebook and Twitter.

Voting ends in August, and results will be revealed in the Season 23 premiere of The Simpsons this fall.

The Simpsons World

Also, Matt grgoring just lunched the new and complete Simpsons guide available in

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