Students take on JCPenney campaign and make history

April 30, 2011
Mink Creek, Idaho

It's cold outside! I am seating in Barnes&Noble drinking a hot cocoa. I am enjoying my break from school (and life all together)

I don't know if you knew, but I graduated! Yes! I still can't believe it. I was scared that I wasn't going to pass Media Research (Statistics) but it turned down to be OK.

It's kind of funny that Media Research was one of my favorite classes, yet one of the hardest one for me.

The teacher for this class was Mrs. Hendrickson. She was also my integrated marketing campaigns class.

We were given a case study that was supplied by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and then required to develop an entire campaign in a ten week period. The class was divided into two "agencies" of about ten students each.

Recently I found out that the campaign we came out for this class won a regional competition heading to the national award! YAY

The campaign for 2012 JCPenney won first a local competition between students from my own class.

Then some other students worked more on it and went into a regional competition against students from the same class but from different universities such University of Oregon, University of Washington, Boise University, etc.

And they won!

That's so cool. This is the first time BYU Idaho wins an Advertising competition.

I got the chance to see the final book, it was a great job...

By Bartelme
I had a lot to do with the concept, but the entire campaign was a team effort. The copy writing was made by Lee Bartelme...

He is, hands down, the best copy writer I have ever met. I actually had 4 classes with him, and every time there was a group project I always would go with him. Copy writing is so hard for most people but it came out so easy from him.

So here are some images from the project.

Congratulation team!

I was invited to go to the presentation in Boise but it was right after my graduation and between moving out, and graduating I couldn't.

But here is part of the post of one of the guys who went to Boise:

Straight to the Top

"The challenge was to create a campaign to encourage 25-34 year old women to shop at JCPenney. The company actually [sponsored] the competition."

"... 5 students pitched the idea to judges at the competition. This required memorizing lines and preparing a visual presentation."

"This year, the first year this has ever happened, the sponsoring company sent actual representatives to judge."

"We received judges that headed the company's website, photography, and analytic departments, as well as senior managers and professional copywriters."

"The competition took place between semesters. This meant it was my spring break. It was in Boise, [Idaho]."

"The first night was simply a gathering and coordinating night for the competition. They hosted a casual dinner at a little pub downtown."

"It was very interesting. Going the school I do, [Brigham Young University - Idaho,] I am unacquainted with the more generally accepted college-life culture."

"It was so odd to see students and their advisers having dinner with wine and beer."

The Next Day, The Competition
"I was very nervous. We had run through the pitch a couple times the night before, and it seemed we were getting worse."

"Not all the lines were well learned and the presentation wasn't even complete. We hadn't even figured out how to use the clicker to advance the slides."

"We practiced some more while the other schools began. Our pitch began just before lunch. Ready or not. I don't remember doing particularly well. It seemed a bit rough, but no major mistakes."

The Other Schools
"Then we had time to go watch some of the bigger schools pitch. Slick pitches, interesting concepts, well-designed graphics, custom Ipad covers, printed shopping bags... [Evidently] lots of money."

[Brigham Young University had no budget for this competition]

"They were all very progressive campaigns. I was intimidated. Perhaps we didn't do enough. I was sure we looked silly."

The Awards Banquet
That night was insightful. They said we should be there at 7:30. It would start at 8:00. It didn't start until much later."

"The bar was open first. I've never seen such a mad-dash to get completely and utterly wasted. Long before the food was even available."

Photo: Kaytlin Oxnam
"The food was nice. Barbecue Chicken. Ribs. Steak. Cheesecake. Chocolate cake. Candle lit. It became less and less elegant the drunker everyone else got, and the higher the skirts got."

"The BYU-Idaho table was the clearly the lame place to be."

The Awards
"The awards began. They showcased and honored the judges. They gave out awards including best male and female presenter."

"BYU-I got one for best presentation visuals... we were the only school [that] used Prezi with embedded video rather than Power Point."

Then The Real Awards
"4th place went to the school that was most intimidating [to us]. They had apps, custom printed covers and bags. Their presentation was nearly flawless."

"Crap... (If they got 4th, we have humiliatingly placed far below.)"

"3rd place was called. Another very good group."

"2nd place went to Montana State."

"How embarrassing. We can't even get drunk to forget the whole thing like everyone else.

[1st. place goes to...] "Brigham Young University - Idaho."


"Never before has this happened [to BYU - Idaho]. The announcer noted that. Winning meant we could advance to the national competition in San Diego in June."

"It meant that we have to keep practicing the pitch!"

"We went up and received the trophy and posed for pictures."

"Only moments later the banquet room was completely emptied. Everyone else was out to the bars."

"Completely blown away, we talked our way back to normalcy up the elevator and to the rooms."

"We had to find some way to celebrate. Our advisor decided she would buy us all ice-cream. So we left to find some."

"After 11:00, all the ice cream shops in Boise were closed. We walked a few blocks before giving up."

"We went back to the hotel."

"While all the losers were getting (more) drunk.... the winners went to bed."

Written by Blake Jackson. You can see a fraction of the work here on Blake's website.

Read Brigham Young University - Idaho's press release here

Brigham Young University-Idaho is a four-year private university located in Rexburg, Idaho. The university, which is affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offers both baccalaureate and associate degrees; integrated degrees and internships that are tailored to fit students' interests; a year-round track system allowing more students to attend; and an extensive Student Activities Program that provides leadership and growth experiences. It is the largest private university in Idaho, with more than 13,000 students enrolled for Winter Semester 2008.

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