Easter Bald Eagle

April 25, 2011
Rexburg Idaho

Bald Eagle Symbolism
I'll start with the braking news: We ended Easter day witnessing how a rabbit devoured and being eaten by a Bald Eagle...

The fact that the rabbit (Easter bunny) was being eaten by the bald eagle (America) on Easter Sunday was a symbolism from nature denoting that the Easter commercialism has gone too far.

It's pretty unusual to see something as such, heck! it's rare to see a bald eagle at all, so... the seen, tho gory, it was pretty cool.

Easter fest
We were having a delicious Ham with pineapple sauce. people were working on this dinner for days. We were all having a wonderful time when Glade saw something moving a mile away.

It was crazy because Glade is like 65 years old, and we all younger fellas coundt see anything.
Glade yelled "It's a Bald Eagle!" so everyone went to the window trying to spot the bird.

The Bald Eagle Adventure
I took my camera, and glade and I headed over where he spotted the eagle. I very carefully walked trough the woods to get a closer shot of it.

The bird noticed my presence, gabbed the remaining of the rabbit and flew away.

I run to the the SUV and we started chasing the huge bird. In the way I got some cool shots, but the gran price was spotting the bald eagle nest.

The Bald Eagle completely stole the show... but here are the other pictures:

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