The Ad of the Week: "Braids" (Pepsico Argentina)

Salt lake City, Utah
April 19, 2011

This week's Ad-of-the-Week is an example of a good-bad Ad... do the following steps to fully understand the point of this post.

STEP 1: Watch the following Ad and then, without re-playing the video continue with step 2.

STEP 2: Answer the following questions (In the comment section) without re-playing the video.
  1. Did you think the Ad was funny?
  2. What's the name of the brand of the product advertised in the Ad?

Funny HA HA
It has been established, 'Sex' sells... Now, does 'Funny' sells? Sometimes funny ads do sell. They create buzz and bring positive feelings towards the Ad's brand from prospective costumers.

The key words here is "Sometimes" because, also 'sometimes' Funny Ads are nothing but just plain entertainment.

Some believe that TV ads need to be funny, and print Ads need to look beautiful.

One of my professors once told that most people has the misconception of thinking that Advertising is Art. In some colleges, in fact, the career "Advertising" is part of the Art Department, and in some others it is part of the Communication Department.

My professor explained that though advertising obviously does use communication and graphic arts, it does so to convey a purpose: To persuade.

If this goal of 'persuading' was not achieved after presenting the ad, then it was a big failure, waste of time and money.

"Advertising is a business and it should be part of the Marketing & Business Department" My professor insistingly suggested...

The Ad of the Week:
Credits: "Braids" (Pepsico Argentina)
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Rodrigo Grau, Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen
Creative Directors: Gabriel Huici, Jorge Ponce Betti
Copywriter: Roberto Espino

Because I know you love it, here goes some more funny Ads:

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