"What it's suggested... Dating..."

March 25,  2011
Rexburg Idaho

Friendly to the unfriendly

In the last LDS General Conference, the first presidency exhorted the single youth of my age to... Get married.

I have to admit, it's harder to meet people here in Utah than in a bigger city such as New York.

When I went to San Francisco I made friends that I still have contact with. I was there for three days. New York, a city that most people told me I would hate and that people are so rude and unfriendly.

I loved new York. Though new yorkers are rude (Especially comparing it to Utah people) I got to meet a lot of friendly strangers who would invite me to parties and get togethers. Got a job offer, and interviews, and I got a couple of people offering me a place to live.

I loved New York City.

For the first time in almost 8 years I felt that I really belonged somewhere. I was in New York for three days.

So, the point is that I think it is easier for me to make friends, meet girls and talk in larger cities than slc, or rexburg.

The whole concept of dating is still foreigner to me. I still like the "let's get together, let's be friends and see what happens" thing...

But as my friends told me... "That hasn't got any results so far so I think is time to try what it's suggested... Dating..."

I got chills.

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