"Water Boy"

Rexburg, Idaho
March 6, 2011

To make the "Water Boy" pictures possible I had one of my roommates throwing the water straight to the face of the model (Rob), another roommate.

We practiced throwing water many, many times, but still, we had to throw water on Rob's face like 30 times until we got THE shot.

Yeah, we were outside, and yes the model almost froze to death. (Since it was 20 ° F outside, we used warm water, we also had ready some dry towels, blankets and a heater for him.)

I did direct them how I wanted the water to go and splash, and the faces I wanted from him, but I have to say: It did take a lot of modeling-skills from Robert trying not to close his eye when the water splashed violently on his face.

(Practicing throwing water before the shoot)

And he stayed there all wet, patiently waiting and trying to do a good job, cold and shacking...

And from the water thrower as well, perfecting the throws in each shot.

We had a total of 30 shots.

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