The Ad of the Week: "Reasons To Believe" (Coca-Cola Argentina)

Rexburg, Idaho
March 23, 2011

"The Reasons..."

OK, so this is one of the best commercials of Coca Cola so far, I think even better of Coca-Cola's "For Everyone." Both commercials are part of the Argentine creativity...

As it shows in the Ad "Razones para Creer" (Reasons to Believe), in 2010 Coca Cola conducted a research that shows that there are reasons to believe i a better world.

Here it goes:
Agency: Santo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Soundtrack: “Whatever” by Oasis performed by Young People´s Chorus of New York City.

"The Research..."
This Ad was part of a huge Ad-campaign promoting "Reasons to believe in a better world"

(Coca Cola's website in Mexico)

Part of the Ad campaign was the twitter account where people come up with their own reasons.

Also a book was launched with 125 reasons displaying Latin Art and the resources of the campaign's research.

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