The Ad of the Week: Low Fares (Frontier Airlines)

Rexburg, Idaho
March 14, 2011

"How do they do it?"
I love this section… I don’t post it every week as I advertise but I love it (when I do it).

So, with out delay, the Ad of the weeks is…

Frontier's "Low Fares" A spin off from the successful 2007’s “Denver's Favorite Animal" campaign.

I think this ad is funny and creative… A good comeback Ad. Why would you move-on from a good successful idea right? (Yes, I am talking to you Taco Bell, bring the Chihuahua back!)

If you want to see more about the Frontier’s campaign you can see the following two 5 min videos… Enjoy.

til next time!

Denver's Favorite Animal Campaign

More Frontier Campaign ads

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