31: (...days till graduation)

Rexburg, Idaho
March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday! (to me)

Rexburg celebration: Dinner, dinner +Dinner.

We went to Idaho Falls Famous Dave's BBQ... in Idaho Falls. I got BBQ ribs.

We asked for our free Ice Cream, and they gave us a huge plate with a lot of vanilla ice cream and chocolate...

(The wooden bear gives a warming welcome)

(Renato, Chelsea, Jon-Canada and me)

On my birthday morning I went to work and I found a box waiting for me on my desk... inside was a mini cake from The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe... very tasty. The I had to take a test... not so fun.

(Surprise Box waiting for me at work)

(Super sweet mini-cake)

My Brazilians friends surprised me with a delicious pineapple cake.
(Rodrigo-taking the picture, Luci, Renato, and me)

And if I hadn't eaten enough, at night my roommates invited me to Applebee's Neighborhood Grill in Rexburg... It was a really nice day... being 31 sucks, but having so many good friends it surely doesn't. (Humphrey-Hong Kong, Steven-Rancho cucamonga, Robert- Minnesota and me in Applebees)

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