The Ad of the Week: "Round the Fire" (Coca-Cola Argentina)

Rexburg, Idaho
February 23, 2011

"Mexican Coke"
I am here drinking a cold Coca-Cola imported from Mexico. I am not sure why I like this Mexican Coke so much better than a regular Coke (from the US).

I do remember refusing to drink soda when I first came to the US (in 2003) because, to me, it tasted so different from the delicious and addictive Argentine Coca-Cola.

(In Argentina I used to drink a Coke every day... Aww so good.

"Very Argentine"
Talking about Argentina and Coca-Cola. here goes an awesome, very Argentine, Coca-Cola commercial.

I think that if you know Argentines a little bit you will understand this Ad better, if you don't, the commercial is still good. So, enjoy!

"Round the Fire" (Coca Cola Commercial -Argentina)

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