Rexburg, Idaho
January 23, 2011

"Something in the air"
-13 °F (-25°C) It’s getting warmer! Rexburg is so pretty lately… It’s cold, depressing and still boring, but there’s something in the air. I don’t know what it is...

Oh wait, I do know: I am officially graduating!!!

What a feeling! People don’t think is such a great accomplishment, and maybe it isn’t, but it took so much to get where I am now that I can’t just let it pass… It’s so exciting!!

"My graduations"
I never had a good graduation time. My graduations celebrations were always some how... skipped.

I changed school right before I was done with primary (middle School), so didn’t graduated with my long-time friends.

I changed school again in High School, and again, before I could even say Graduation, I was in a mission in Bahia Blanca.

My graduation from LDS Business College was a fiasco too… So am so looking forward to this one.

I know I am too old to care about graduation, but Listen, I don’t have my family here; most of my friends are far away… let me celebrate!

I have to be careful though. In the mission, right before the end of the two years of being under strict rules, restless days of studying and faithfully serving the church and others, many missionaries fall into this emotional “hole” commonly known as being “trucky.”
(Mission Pictures!)

Being trunky means pretty much: "Not caring any more about anything but going home."

Well, after 7 years of being here, I think I can say that I am "trunky."

“Being “trunky” is a dangerous thing though. I still have to give my 100 % at school, and get good grades. But it’s so hard when the end of the line is so near.

I am taking 18 credits: 3 photography classes, 2 Graphic design classes, 1 religion class, and 2 of Advertising. They are all upper level classes that demand a lot of work.

(Meaning: Time for nothing)

"Already kicking my butt"
Taking 8 classes is a lot, but only one of them scares me, and it’s already kicking my butt: Media Research methods; probably the hardest class I’ve ever taken. I think I will need tutor-help with this one.

Hopefully, not all is studying in Rexburg... some people came up with some good ways to have fun with the snow pranks:

(Someone put a wall of snow-blocks in our neighbors door)

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