"The happy times of this Holidays"

Salt Lake City, Utah
January 2, 2011

"I wish"
I am off to Rexburg again. Sad Day!

I am not sure if I will take classes this semester ( I can’t afford it!) but hopefully I will be able to work.

I’m telling ya, the closest I get from graduation, the toughest it gets. I wish it was over already.

Enough of sad things do, lets talk about the happy times of this holidays.

"Jesusmas" (2010)
The Larsen Family invited me to go to Mink Creek, Idaho, for Christmas, or 'Jesusmas,' as they like to call it.

(I love Mink Creek, Idaho so much!)

The Larsen's celebrated Christmas a little earlier, and I missed it, so I decided to bring my own Christmas with me. (It added a little Argentine flavor to it)

(I got Pan Dulce, Alfajores, and we ate empanadas)

As is tradition now, I toasted & talked to my family at 8:00 pm (Midnight in Argentina) trough web-cam. Thank you Skype!

Oh boy do I have a story to tell ya. I think is the best Christmas story yet, but I think that because it involves my family... so. Ready?

A Very Bogado Christmas Story

"Christmas in Argentina"

For those who don’t know, in Argentina the main celebration of Christmas happens on Christmas Eve: The night of the 24th of December, the family gathers together for a huge dinner, then they toast at midnight, following tons of fireworks everywhere and the opening of presents. (Super fun)

"Santa Claus just left"
Last year my family got a ton of gifts for the kids (my nephews and niece). They put all the presents in one room and after dinner, at midnight, the door was opened so the kids could get in and get their gifts.

I watched trough webcam how my nephew, Martin, run to the room directly to one of the semi-open windows, ignoring the big Martin-size car with a huge bow on it.

He, martin, put his little head out looking at the sky and said, “I think Santa Claus just left and left the window open!”

That was so cute!

Of course, after finding out about his car, he freaked out of excitement, and the Santa Claus incident was forgotten.
"Santa is here!"
This year my little-bro, Martin’s father, decided to surprise the kids dressing up as Santa.

So at midnight they all went outside and caught Santa Claus leaving a huge bag with gift for them.

The kids were so excited! "Santa is here! Santa is here!" they yelled.

The only problem was that the neighbors’ little girl saw my brother/Santa too, so she runs into her house and screamed everybody "Santa is here! Santa is here!" and forced everybody to come outside and see the big guy in red giving presents to my nephews.

The neighbor’s kids were all puzzled by the surprise. My brother sees them, waves his hand at them and says, “I don’t have presents for you because you were naughty this year”

(I laughed so hard, so mean yet so funny)
The End

"1/1/11" (New Year)
By New Years I was back t in Salt Lake City. new Years Eve was uneventful; I talked to my family again though, that is always nice.

Later I went to Downtown Salt Lake City and took some pictures of the 2011 EVE celebrations.
(I’ll post the pictures later)

The fireworks were so lame. People say that compared to my last year’s New Year, in Las Vegas, any firework was to be lame… I didn’t think so… one-minute fireworks is lame any-time, any-were.

(Grand Finale... for real)
I got to spend the entire New Year day (1/1/11) with one special person:

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