"The 3 Amigos"

Rexburg, Idaho
January 31, 2011

I went to the new, and long waited, BYU-I Center (or BYUIC)!. The BYUIC is a huge Auditorium that can seat 15 thousand people. It's enormous and beautiful.

BYU-Idaho has a lot of new buildings and structures... about which I might talk later on, today though, I want to talk about my Sundays.

Renato, Rodrigo, and I graduated with our Associates from the LDS Business College (LDSBC).

We worked together in the same office (PR), I graduated a year earlier, and transferred to BYU-I. Then Renato came to finish his Nursing career, and Rodrigo to complete his IT program.

Because spending a lot of time doing things together we were called many times “The Three Amigos.”

(The 3 Amigos)

Rodrigo married Lucy, and most married people, they "love" gatherings. So she pretty much started a sort of tradition: Every Sunday we would come to their house and play some games, or watch some movie, eat and spend time.

I love that, I really do.

(Jenga Xtreme!)

We play, we fight, we talk about nothing, we plan, we dream, we fight again. So much fun!

I think is the only time that I know that even if we fight really hard, everything is going to be OK a few minutes later.

"It Came To Pass"
I brought this awesome card game called It Came To Pass. if you don't already have this card game you should definitely get it.

I knew this game can get very competitive , so I was really excited to introduce it to the gang...

and as i suspected... We played, we fought, we talked about nothing, we planed things, we ate, we dreamed out loud, we fought some more.

So much fun!

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