"I would be a good King"

Rexburg, Idaho

December 1st, 2010

""Rhyming words""

I had to write a Poem for a class. I didn't think it would be that hard, but it was hard to think rhyming words (and make sense with them).

I gave it a try, and this is what i came up with:

"A king for a day"

If a King for a day I was awarded to be

for that day there will be no more Poverty

I don’t know how I would that achieve,

since it seems to be such an audacity.

If to be a king for a day I was awarded it

no more bad news would be there to give.

Not because I would have had forbid it,

but because, for that day, in peace people will get to live.

I would eliminate for a day selfishness and pride,

and fill the land with service and fun.

There will no more children’s cry or war.

Instead there will be children’s laughter and fur.

I know for sure I would be a good King,

My mom told me so, you see.

She said, “ If for one day you’d stop my king to be,

There would be, on earth, nothing worth to see.”

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