"Black & white striped blouse"

Rexburg, Idaho
December 6, 2010

Page one of my new journals. I don’t really know what to write really.
Classes are almost over and I am not sure how I did. The media Law professor told me I got an A in the class. Class that I thought I failed for sure. So I can’t be certain of anything anymore.
“I loved…”
Last semester I got the chance to go to New York City. I loved it.

What impressed me the most about New York City was that, no matter where I was, whether I was at the subway, at the street, or at the park, people were always well dressed and most of them looked professional and awesome.
I loved everything about New York. I loved the buildings and the busy life. I loved Central Park. I loved to see so many people, always. I loved how much it reminded me to Buenos Aires… (I miss Buenos Aires)

I loved the many opportunities I got to do things and meet people, like my friend’s roommate who was from 'The Bronx.'

My new New-Yorker friend passed me a magazine and told me “this is why people here are obsessed with the way they dressed."
I opened what it seemed to be a fashion magazine and say “Oh, so there is a peculiarity about the way people dress here”
“Of course there is, this is New York…” he said, “Every body is looking at us to know where the trend goes, or where is going to be”

I thought he was kidding, but he didn’t smile. “OK” I said, ending the chitchat.
I kept looking at the pages of that magazine and noticed an article that said that the new trend observed in New York was using stripes (Black & white stripes specifically) and they showed pictures of people walking in the streets of NYC. 

So I guess my new New Yorker friend wasn’t kidding.
The bad thing about going to New York was to come back. Especially to Rexburg, Idaho.

I was walking to the library or to somewhere on Campus here in Rexburg, when I spotted this beautiful tall blond walking against me.

Since the second I saw her coming towards me, all around us became blurry and in slow motion. Her hair was short but long enough to waive to every step she made.

She did stand up from her height and beauty, but she was a little too stylish for Rexburg, Idaho.
She was wearing some long black boots, jeans and a black-&-white striped blouse.

The fact that she was wearing a black-&-white striped blouse means nothing, but the reason she called my attention is because she was wearing a black-&-white striped blouse… like if I was destined to see her.

I might have stared at her for a little too long.
She looked at me.
I noticed she was looking at me.
I hurried to avoid her stare looking down and speeding up my step walking right by her.

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