"And to all, good night!"

Mink Creek, Idaho
December 25, 2010

"Christmas at Home" (Away from home)

I updated my Facebook status. I wrote, "No se si algun dia me voy a acostumbrar a una Navidad blanca y fria. Feliz Navidad to all, and to all good night!"

It's so true.

And, I even put a picture of me that I just took with this laptop camera... and then I put some chirstmasy decorations and stuff... it looks so... festive.

I am so bored.

I am surrounded by snowed-in majestic mountains of the Cache National Forest. All I can see through the many many windows of the house is white.

There is no phone-signal here... I don' know if it's because we are too far away or because my provider is T-mobile.

Yes! T-mobile suck around here.

It's almost noon. The white snow reflection of the sun brightens the the room even more than all the big windows would normally allow it. It is a beautiful view.

I am celebrating Christmas day. Though I am 6292 miles (10125 kilometers) from my hometown (Buenos Aires) I still managed to get me some Argentine Christmas tradition: Pan Dulce.

I also got some alfajor (Blanco/Negro and Balcarce) Alfajor is always good, no matter the time of the year. So this Christmas I made it a Christmas at Home... away from home.

Anyway, being in a beautiful cabin in the middle of no-where might seem nice... and it is nice actually, but it can be really boring too.

I am really bored!


I should go outside and explore, but...

  1. That's how most accidents happens
  2. It's really cold outside.
  3. I am lazy...
  4. there is a dog outside that scares me.

I've decided I am going to write anything that come to my mind.

I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to brainstorm and find a solutions about my problems.

what problems do I have... (should I list them?)

Yeah, why not...

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